A Fresh “Return” to Tactical Marketing

A Fresh “Return” to Tactical Marketing

ImpressionsDP is a brand new venture but it’s a return to basics for me.

I began my career in the graphic arts industry and have worked with some great companies and people on a variety of projects over the years. But time moves on and my beloved graphic arts industry changed dramatically as the old techniques gave way to digital design and image processing. Those who couldn’t adapt left the industry and those who remained needed to develop new skills and expertise. Since then, the industry has enjoyed a renaissance in capability and quality that is truly remarkable.

While this shift was happening it became clear that it was time to expand my horizons. Digital technologies have always fascinated me so was only natural to learn about the new channels that were displacing traditional print. Over the past decade, first at i3 Marketing then Mesa Integrated, I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively in a variety of these digital communications channels including web development, social media, SEO/SEM, email marketing and PPC advertising.

Recently I also learned how truly effective digital communications can be by earning a degree online through Penn State’s excellent iMBA program. With it’s focus on management and corporate strategy, the program underscored how effective communications, whether digital or traditional, must be aligned with overarching goals and objectives. While a seemingly common sense approach, it’s surprising how often this is not the case.

Communications often fail, not because the idea is flawed, but because no thought is given to execution or that implementation is not appropriate. The POS display that retailers refuse to put up, the brochure that cannot be distributed, the web site that captures no leads. The list goes on and on.

That’s why we’re creating a new kind of agency. ImpressionsDP is a tactical marketing agency understands communication strategy and how to effectively and efficiently implement it.

The best ideas are useless they’re put into action — ImpressionsDP knows how to get it done.

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